Day 1 – (21 March, 2010)

Well today was AWESOME to say the least. It was a very long day though. It all started at 6.16am when I had to wake up and finish packing stuff for the trip. Yes I wasn’t packed on the day I left. Anyway the time flew by, before I knew it, it was 8am! “Oh no people start arriving at 8am!” I thought. But not to worry. There were many people to help out with all of it. THANK YOU to all the people who helped make this mornings breakfast such a success.

The breakfast was amazing. I cannot believe the turn out. It was awesome how many people came out to farewell Glenn and me. Thank you if you came out for the breakfast and I am sorry if I didn’t get to speak to you (there was so many people!). It was good to have a message from the Prime Minister Keven Rudd and to have Graham Perrett to come out and read it to everyone.

Just some statistics from this morning-

Donations for the Cancer Council QLD received – $775.10

Money raised from sausage sizzle- $245.80

Total $1020.90

Thank you so much if you came out and supported us and the Cancer Council QLD.

Right… to the ride.

Well the ride was quite simple and easy. Ed and Bec came and rode with me to the Story Bridge which was awesome! To this point it was very very easy, (although it did take 30 min for us to get there). I had ridden the Caboolture route many times and it was quite simple, though I did need my GPS to reassure me that I was heading in the right direction. I made it out of the city alive…just. There were a tense few moments where the traffic was packed, the road had pot holes in it, there was road works going on, it was up hill, and the commuters were not pleased that a bicycle (a vehicle by law that is allowed on roads) was taking up 45cm of space on the edge of the road. But once I had got through this it was fine and plain sailing (well cycling) to Caboolture.

I had planned on meeting Glenn at the Morayfield Anaconda. I arrived there at 12.30pm. I didn’t expect Glenn to get there until about 1 or 1.30pm-ish, so I waited around. My mum then called me to say that Glenn hadn’t left but was actually asleep on the floor in my house. I was quite puzzled that he was asleep until later he told me that he didn’t get much sleep the night before so this was alright. A little while later I called him to see if he had left yet. But he hadn’t, however he was awake which was a step in the right direction. Anyway a few phone calls later he was ready to leave after finishing packing the car. It was TIGHT! And I quote from Chelsea “I can’t even fit one finger in it.” (Chelsea is Andrea’s daughter. They put us up for the night and cooked us awesome bolognaise.) A little while later (3 hours) Glenn gives me a call and gives me the address to Andrea’s house. I arrived at their house at 3.45pm. I had a shower and got changed. Glenn arrived at 4.45pm and we made a mad dash to get to Anaconda before 5pm. We just made it but did not get anything. We sat in the car talking for a bit and ate cold sausages from the BBQ breakfast.

Later on we had dinner and talked for a bit and now we arrive at the present.

Good night!


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